Make your Presence Felt Online with Joomla!

Joomla! presents you with the power to do everything at once. Its ability to provide fast and easy web application expansion gives it a first mover advantage. Released in 2005, it is known to be one of the most widely used CMS on the internet as it lets you manage and control the content of your website easily and in no time. It offers robust features like page caching, RSS feeds, blogs, polls, search options, language translation etc. Moreover, Joomla is PHP and MySQL based which makes it even SEO friendly.

There is nothing better than Joomla! when it comes to building powerful websites that are visually stunning, user centric and unique. You can customize various templates to implement your own design and pattern. It makes your presence felt online with its SEO friendly features. Another reason why people choose Joomla is that it’s free and open-source CMS tool having thousands of add-ons.

The Big Question

One often feels helpless while deciding whether to have an in-house team of developers or to outsource. Having an in-house team gives you complete control a sense of security. It is always favored by big business owners. However it is not recommended for startups and mid-sized businesses due to high capital investment. A cheap alternative is to hire an outsourcing firm.

Why Outsource?

Various outsourcing firms offer Joomla development services at a very affordable cost. They have some of the best Joomla programmers who can develop your website from scratch. You can even ask them to migrate your existing site to Joomla!. Or, if you are an existing Joomla user, these programmers will fine-tune your existing website by introducing add-ons like blogs, surveys, online flipping magazine, testimonials and comparison charts, site management solutions and many other features. You can even integrate you Joomla with other PHP and non-PHP platforms!

With over millions of outsourcers and freelancers out there, you have to be very careful while choosing the best firm to partner. Try to find a firm which understands you requirement deeply and have an eye for details. Great and transparent communication with clients is also a must. Try to hand-pick the firms that give you a money-back guarantee against on-time delivery and quality. Also, don’t forget to do a bit of background verification.

Now that you know how find the best firm to outsource your Joomla needs. You can focus on your core business and other important things.

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